Energy Efficiency

Predixi® And Metirius® is main combination of our control system to achive the best efficiency at operation. Pump test and efficiency measurement systems was a luxury in the past. Even this is very complicated process for pump manufacturers. Metirius® is designed to measure the exact efficiency of your systems economically. Predixi® allows you to reach your Metirius® Control systems via a powerful cloud portal and animated illustration interface of Predixi®.  After the installation you can see the efficiency ratings and you can define your systems condition. If you need a pump change, or you have a problem in your water well. Everything is presented to you with a lifelike animation, with integrated simple in front or detailed fluid mechanics formulas in the backside, shows the efficiency for you.  Users gains the opportunity to run their pumps at  ultra high efficiency with this powerful mechanism. Metirius® and Predixi® is proved itself in many projects.

Customer Statistcis: (This percentages are taken after Metirius® Installations. Customers changed and updated their systems and gained the efficiency.

Average Pump Efficiency Losses in Turkey : %35
Maximum Energy Loss: %100 (Pump works in groups, pump cannot produce the required presssure)
Minimum Energy Loss: %15
 (Everything is new, pump system installed recently)

After many installation and use cases we absolutely advice you must have a Metirius® and Predixi® combination on your every pump systems.

We can define your losses  by using predixi software. We measure the details and enter the gathered information to Predixi® fluid mechanics calculator. Before the Metirius® installation you can see your actual efficiency and we can prepare for you the investment return analysis.