We measure and analyze your pump and water systems and define the requirements and create feasibility reports for the possible efficiency project applications.

Measuring Services:

Pump systems current conditions are generally neglected. You should choose the correct systems but also you have to track the efficiency of your systems continuously or at least periodically. We are collecting values with the advanced measurement tools and detect the current efficiency condition. And define if any problem or losses and if there is a problem we offer the best solutions for you.

Turnkey Efficiency Projects:

After the measurement process, we supply feasibility reports for your whole system update. According to the required updates we supply turnkey solutions.  It may include to change the water well , change the pump and motors, fittings, valves or pipe network. Our solutions include electric and electronic controllers hardware and communication systems  with Metirius® Controllers. This solutions includes advanced cloud software solutions with predixi® which is compatible with Metirius® control devices. We can supply solutions for water wells, water reservoirs, lifting stations and pipelines. Municipalites and irrigation cooperatives, industrial plants and farmers are in our scope.

PM Motor Technology:

We supply high efficient permanent magnet motors for your water wells. This motors rotor has neodymium magnets. PM  motors completely different then the classic motors which has squirrel cage rotors. PM motors rotor doesn’t require magnetic flux from the stator.  In PM motors there will be no magnetic transmission losses.  You can take more then %90 efficiency even in  10 kW submersible motors. High efficiency means low temperature. This motors run at nearly  ambient water temperature. Which means less burning possibility for stationary water pumping processes. It requires less cooling effect. PM motors cannot be run without special ac drives which can operate pm motors.

All Metirius® Well Ex models supports PM motor option. Your investments returns faster with PM Motors.