Metirius – Water Managment Devices

Metirius Water Control Devices are designed to serve your water management requirements with maximum details.
Metirius Control Devices  &  Product Groups
Reservoir Management
Well Management
Pump Station Management
Chlorination Management
Water Network Management
Water Treatment & Purification Management
Waste Water Management
Special Data Collections

Metirius always works to stay ahead then the current solutions and gives robust and best control possibility with the least ownership costs. Metirius devices collects the data and serves the data to the users. It has unique security options

Metirius Control Cabinets:

Metirius EX

Metirius Ex is the best solution for your pump motor control with included  Ultra Low Harmonic VFD solution.

Metirius Base

Metirius Base is the best solution to convert and  automate your present pump and reservoir control systems.

All Metirius devices are plug and play. You can start to use Metirius devices in just a few hours.