Predixi – Cloud Based Water Managment Software

The most advanced remote control software for water and energy infrastructure management. Predixi can be reachable via web and mobile devices with native IOS and Android applications.

Predixi has capability for managing large scale distributed networks. We supply service with our servers with unlimited points capacity. Also customers can have their own server system which has their own predixi services. Predixi is compatible with all industrial devices and protocols. Predixi complies with OPC standards. Predixi has a unique capability for updating the control point device softwares and PLC system upgrades from the server itself.

Reporting system:

Predixi has ultra high speed reporting system which relies on the professional database systems. Predixi uses MySQL and Hadoop Technologies to handle the huge amount of data. Also it supports MSSQL and Oracle Database systems.

Integration with other Softwares:

Predixi has innovative GIS integration, it supplies every infrastructure details to the users. You can also reach your control points with Google Maps Integration.  Predixi simply can be integrated with enterprise resource planning softwares.

Integrated Communication:

Predixi has a special social network platform inside. All the team members can reach to each other and discuss a problem on a specific control point.

Alarm & Service Management:

Predixi has a powerful alarm and alarm management system. It supports mobile notifications, SMS and email sending.