Experience and Innovation - Basic Stones of Our Success

Watch the Energy, Manage Productivity

Solid Electron, which operates in Kayseri Erciyes Teknopark campus, focus on remote management technologies for water and energy management, and offer solutions for large or micro -scale water control management projects.

Our mission

We produce technologies at all stages in which the drinking water goes back to the source after the exit from the source.The increasingly complex water transport systems now need smart water management. According to the measurement results, we provide feasibility reports for all system updates.We offer turnkey solutions according to the necessary updates.Pumps and motors, rakors, valves or pipe connections of the water wells can be replaced.

Our Business Model

We make investments in all projects free of charge.We focus on a technology and business model that creates income by sharing the price earned from energy efficiency during operation.We ensure that the income obtained is defined, measurable and invoicable.In this way, our investment model becomes more scalable with technology.

Sustainable Energy Efficiency

The field devices we have developed measure all the factors affecting efficiency in the field and automatically detect the most efficient point.With our projects, we aim to provide sustainable energy efficiency by significantly reducing carbon emissions and protecting nature.The wasted energy is our enemy and we fight with our innovative solutions and experienced team.We aim to transform the energy sector with our efficient and sustainable solution.This vision is what makes us unique and valuable and enables us to improve the quality of the services we offer to our customers.

Our experience

Our accumulated knowledge and comprehensive experience enable us to provide sustainable and effective solutions in the energy sector.Using technology and innovative approaches, we use our knowledge and skills to solve various energy efficiency problems.


Sustainability is at the center of our business.In each project, we aim to minimize environmental impact and increase energy efficiency.This helps us to have a positive effect on both energy efficiency and environmental protection. Together we can shape the future of the energy industry and produce more efficient solutions for a sustainable future.We can't wait to join us and take part in this exciting journey.

Team work and Cooperation

Our team consists of talented and experienced professionals working together to solve the complex problems we face in the energy industry.Cooperation and teamwork forms the basis of our successfully completing our projects and providing the best service to our customers.