The operation of the system

PCP and FCV metirius devices were used in the system above.Each FCV system It is designed to manage a zone. If it needs to be fed, two or more FCV should be used in this case FCVs are synchronized with each other. For example, Zone 2 regions from two different sources fed.The desired pressure at PCP 2 in Zone 2 is FCV 2 and FCV 4 It is provided by flow control in rooms.FCV 4 rooms with FCV 2 Communication between the automation system is provided.From FCV systems One is determined as a master's and the other as a slave, and from the selected point to the others. Information is transferred.

FCV rooms are installed at the necessary points.Efficient work in The sensor and control systems required to be.According to pressure control valves It is a more detailed and instant controlable system.Between FCV rooms and PCP points Communication is available.Approach ratives According to the sages received from the current valves points sets.In this way, flow control is provided.Pressure Diarage PCP It is given by pH, conductivity, chlorine and blur in water systems.

PCP rooms are installed at the required points.Metirius inside there is a PCP panel and manometer.Reference to the end user in the region It delivers the data (the necessary pressure value) to the FCV room in a way that does not keep water scarcity.

To the amount of flow rates passing through FCV points to the leaks on the lines, the cost of water and the welding capacity can be decided.Less line with a high amount of leakage It can be used and the leak will be further reduced.The costs of water from sources are determined and more water from the point where the cost is low and less water than the source with more can be taken.Both the reduction of leakage and the use of low -cost resources will reduce system costs.

Daily Water Consumption (available)

The water need graph of a city is available above.Your use is zero even when it is close, the water expense is quite high.This is because classic pressure control valve system.Fixed by the end user reference in maximum use without looking at the pressure since water loss is not used, it is more than water.

Daily Water Consumption (available)

In our system, our pressure is terminated when the consumption of water peaked We set the user so that it does not keep water scarcity.In other dead times, we reduce the pressure and reduce water loss. In our system, we can determine the time range where the water usage is intense and operate at the desired pressure in that hour range. In other words, you can determine in which time you want the water to be in which clock intervals. As a result, the desired pressure is provided instantly by flowing indirectly instead of the classic pressure control valve.