PUMP - Pump Control Systems

The Pump Pump Control Panels were developed to control the pumps in wells or promotion stations.It provides a smart pump control with the data collected from the sensor and measuring devices at the station. METIRIUS devices can communicate with other meters devices for fully automatic control.The status of the system can be monitored by predixi water management software and can be intervened when necessary.

Used materials

  1. HMI display
  2. 0.75-150KW VFD
  3. Entry of Changerere
  4. Can-Bus Support
  5. Isolation Transformer
  6. 3 RS-485 Port
  7. Pressure Sensor Entry
  8. Level Sensor Entry
  9. AC/DC battery charging system
  10. Digital and Analog I/O modules
  11. 200-500 VAC or 24VDC Power Entry
  12. Energy Analyst and current transformers
  13. Hair/PVC panel by application area
  14. IoT support PLC/RTU/Industrial PC
  15. GSM/RF communication device (2g/3g/4g/lora)
  16. Predixi Water Management Software Integration