Solid electron Privacy Agreement


Solid Electron Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Solid electron") residing at Erciyes Technopark 5 No.24, Kayseri, 38039, and the applicant individual is referred to as "Solid electron".

Internet user who is a member application Solid electron clients ("Member")


Service / Services:

In the application, "Members" are provided by "Solid electron" applications.


All kinds of information, files, images, music, numbers, etc. Visual, literary, and auditory images published in the application or mobile applications and/or accessible applications.

User / Users:

Real and legal persons accessing the "Application"


Accessible applications domain name or Solid electron and subdomains referred to as, "Solid electron" constitutes its "Services" within the scope determined here with mobile applications.

Member / Member:

Real and/or legal persons benefiting from the content, application, and "Services" in the "Application" and are members of the "Application".

Subject and Scope of the Agreement

The subject of this agreement is to determine the terms and conditions of use of the "Solid electron" applications by the "Member" and "User" and to specify their rights and obligations accordingly. The scope of this agreement is to determine the "Service" terms and conditions, applications and content in the "Application," as well as all statements about "Services," use, content, applications, and offered users. It will be considered an integral part of this agreement with "Solid electron" in the "Application." By accepting this agreement, the "Member" declares, states, and undertakes that they accept the "Services," use, content, applications, and users made by "Solid electron" and all kinds of statements and obligations specified here. "Application" is included.

Rights and Obligations


In order to gain the status of "Member," the "User" who wants to become a "Member" must contact "Solid electron," provide accurate information regarding the requested information by "Solid electron," and "Solid electron" will evaluate this membership application and approve it. With the completion of the approval process and the notification of the "Member," the "Member" status begins, and the "Member" assumes the rights and obligations specified in this agreement and the relevant sections of the "Application." Only the applicant "Member" acquires the rights and obligations of membership, and the "Member" cannot transfer these rights and obligations, in whole or in part, to third parties. In case of a dispute that a real or legal person has the membership rights and obligations of the "Member" ship and that the relevant persons have applied to "Solid electron" about this, the real or legal person who has the membership rights and obligations on behalf of the user, the password is responsible for "Member" rights and obligations; in this case, "Solid electron" has the right to act independently of the rule stated in this article in terms of membership information, member transactions, and related information, in accordance with user transactions, and the information. "Solid electron" reserves the right to reject "Member" ship applications completely voluntarily and without any reason or to link the acceptance of "Member" ship applications to additional terms and conditions. "Solid electron"; if the information provided during the "Member" ship application is insufficient, inaccurate, or not up-to-date, contrary to the rules and conditions specified in the "Application," "Member" membership can be canceled, "Member" ship application has been previously rejected, "Member" operations have been identified, legal, technical, and especially in terms of information security, and for reasons including creating a risk for "Solid electron" without defaulting or without any notification. It does not notify anyone without any obligation to compensate. "Member" declares that they undertake to comply with the provisions of this agreement, all terms and conditions specified in the "Application," and the current legislation, and to comply with general ethical rules in their transactions and correspondence while being a "Member" and "User." They understand and accept these rules and conditions. "Member" needs to create a username and password information to access the "Member Profile Page" and perform certain transactions related to the "Application," and "Member" is responsible for the security and confidentiality of the specified information. "Solid electron" is not liable for any damages incurred by the "Member" or third parties due to the negligence and error of the "Member" in keeping the username and password information confidential. "Member" acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that all transactions made with their username and password are made by themselves; the responsibility for these transactions belongs to them; they cannot deny or object to the fact that these transactions were made in this way and cannot avoid fulfilling their obligations due to this denial or objection. All claims and other claims arising from unauthorized use will be reserved against "Solid electron" by the authorized body responsible for third parties and the resulting liability. "Member" promises to comply with legal regulations and not to violate them when using application. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities arising from such violation will be applied exclusively and completely to the "Member."

"Member" cannot use application in a way that disrupts public order, is illegal, bothers and harasses others, attacks intellectual and copyright rights for illegal purposes. Additionally, "Member" cannot engage in activities and transactions (spam, viruses, Trojan horses, etc.) that hinder or hinder others' use of services.

"Solid electron" shall not be responsible for the unauthorized reading of "Member" data by unauthorized persons and the damage to "Member" software and data. "Member" agrees not to claim any compensation from "Solid electron" due to any damage arising from the use of the application. "Member" agrees that they will not access or use other "User" software and data without permission. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities arising from this will belong to the "Member."

Any breach of one or more articles in this privacy agreement by the "Member" results in their criminal and legal liability, and "Solid electron" will be exempt from the criminal and legal consequences of such breaches. Furthermore, if the incident is brought back to the legal domain, "Solid electron" reserves the right to claim compensation for the violation of the privacy agreement against the "Member." "Solid electron" always reserves the right to cancel the membership of the "Member" and unilaterally delete files, documents, and information belonging to the customer if necessary. The "Member" agrees in advance that this will be destroyed here. In this case, "Solid electron" has no liability.

Software and design application is owned by "Solid electron," and the relevant copyright and/or other intellectual property rights are protected by relevant laws and cannot be used, acquired, or modified by the "Member" without permission. "Solid electron" may collect certain information such as the name of the internet service provider and Internet Protocol (IP) address, date, time, access address to the "Application," accessed pages when the "Application" is open, and the Internet. In order to develop, improve, and secure the application and/or within the framework of legal regulations.

"Solid electron" reserves the right to send notification emails to the registered email of the "Member," send notification SMS to the "Member's" phone, and also send notification SMS to the "Member's" phone. By accepting this privacy agreement, "Member" has agreed to receive these notification emails and SMS on their email and phone. If the "Member" wants to unsubscribe from emails and/or SMS, etc., they can click on the relevant point on the "List" screen and perform the unsubscription process in the "Alert Point" section.

Termination of the Agreement: Here, the agreement will remain in effect until the "Member" cancels the membership or the "Member" cancels by "Solid electron." "Solid electron" may unilaterally cancel the agreement by canceling the membership of the "Member" if the "Member" violates any provision of this privacy agreement.

Content Within the "Application"

"Solid electron" reserves the right to change the content of the "Application" at any time, change or cancel the service provided to the "User," or delete the "User" information and data registered in the application.

The "Member" agrees, declares, and undertakes that they will take all necessary precautions (including the use of necessary antivirus software) for information, content, materials, or data provided by themselves to the application. This material shall not contain any viruses, spyware, malicious software, etc., or any material that could harm the "Application" or any of its parts.

The "Member" shall not license, sublicense, sell, rent, lease, or distribute all software, software components, integrated or separate media players, and similar applications. The "Member" agrees and undertakes not to reverse engineer or decompile all software, software components, integrated or separate media players, and similar applications, or to find or obtain source code for the purpose of reverse engineering or any such process, or to perform any action.

Use of the "Application"

If the "Application" is used to interrupt, modify, attempt to access the site unreasonably or with a very large load for communication and technical systems specified by the "Application," or to harm the "Application" or any of its parts through reverse engineering, or to prevent or disrupt the use of the "Application" by automatic programs, robots, data mining, data search, etc. in the information and content of the "Application" and the "Member," the "Member" shall be responsible for all possible errors and their direct and indirect consequences.

"Solid electron" takes necessary precautions within the possibilities to protect the application from viruses and similar software. Additionally, the "User" must ensure their own antivirus system and provide necessary protection. In this context, by entering the "Solid electron" application, the "Member" acknowledges that they are responsible for possible errors in their software and operating system, and for the direct and indirect consequences thereof.

Except for the usage limit specified in this agreement, using the content of the "Application" is illegal; "Solid electron" retains the right to bring legal action and pursue claims.


"Solid electron" may charge a fee for other "Services" within the "Application"; in this case, members pay the full and complete fee to benefit from the relevant "Services." Fees related to applications, payment terms, and usage dates of fees are announced in the relevant sections of the "Application." There is a facility to provide various "Services" of the "Application" at a low price or for free, but "Solid electron" may always start providing "Services" at a low price or unilaterally for free, and paid or full-priced "Services." After the notification regarding this "Application," the relevant "Services" will have new modified terms and conditions for "Members" who have benefited from the "Services" before the changes, and they will also apply to them. The fact that a payment has not been made for a "Service" other than the "Services" declared as incomplete or free does not mean that the relevant "Service" is free or the cost is partially paid. "Solid electron" has the right to terminate the membership of the "Member" if there is no partial payment or no payment at all.

"Solid electron" shall provide the "Services" in the form and quality stated in the "Application," and "Solid electron" shall not have any commitment or responsibility regarding the quality, applicability, integrity, and durability of the "Service" and such matters. "Solid electron" may always make changes, and these changes will become effective with the "Application" statement.


"Solid electron" shall ensure the fulfillment of the "Member" information specified by the "Application" for the operation of the application and for the statistical evaluation specified by this contract, all on their own and not limited to them, to fulfill the above-mentioned responsibilities, store, and disclose them to third parties. The "Member" acknowledges and declares that they accept the use and storage of their information in this way by "Solid electron."

"Solid electron" must provide the "Member" information with the competent authorities in accordance with the applicable legislation, provided that there is a regular request from the competent authorities.

Intellectual Property Rights

The components of the "Application" (interface, alert database, content database, design, text, images, HTML code, and all other codes, not limited to these) are owned by "Solid electron." Resale, sharing, delivery, display, and provision of access to the "Application," information related to the "Application," and works related to the copyright of "Solid electron" authors are not allowed. Those who engage in unauthorized use will be responsible for all "Solid electron" and third-party losses, as well as court costs and attorney fees and all other expenses. "Application" and applications and contents on the "Application," information, works related to the copyright of "Solid electron" authors, trademarks, or any kind of material or intellectual property rights, real and personal rights, commercial information and all know-how rights are reserved.

Changes to the Agreement

"Solid electron" may change, update, or cancel the terms of the privacy agreement in any way, shape, or form, without having to give prior notice and/or warning. The changed, updated, or canceled provisions will be provided by all "Members" on the date they are published. The contract shall not be modified by the unilateral declaration of the "Member."

Force Majeure

For all conditions applicable to force majeure in accordance with the law, "Solid electron" shall not assume any liability for acts not performed, late performed, or not performed fully specified. All conditions and such delays, late exercises, or non-exercises shall not be considered as an offense for "Solid electron" and no compensation can be claimed under any name. The term force majeure should be interpreted to include, but not be limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet malfunctions, improvement and renovation works, and damages that may arise from these, electricity cuts, and adverse weather conditions, etc., and all events that are beyond the reasonable control of the relevant section and cannot be performed and prevented despite the intelligence of "Solid electron" and therefore inevitable.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In applying and interpreting this contract, and for the management of legal relationships arising from this contract, Turkish Law shall apply with the exception of Turkish conflict of laws. In case of any dispute arising from this contract, or for possible disputes, Kayseri Courts and Enforcement Offices shall have jurisdiction.

Validity of "Solid electron" Accounts

The "Member" declares, acknowledges, and undertakes that all electronic system accounts held by "Solid electron" in its database and servers, business accounts, ledger accounts, and as a result of possible disputes, create respectable and exclusive evidence, and recognizes "Solid electron." "Oath" and this article have the nature of a proof contract in accordance with HMK Article 193 since this bid.


The invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability of any provision in this contract shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of the contract.

Effective Date

The effective date means the "Member's" membership registration and therefore the "Member" reads all the articles in the privacy agreement and accepts all the articles in the privacy agreement. This contract is recorded at the moment of "Member" membership and therefore becomes effective mutually.