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Operating in the Kayseri Erciyes Technopark campus, Solid Elektron focuses on cloud-based remote management technologies for water and energy management and provides solutions for large-scale or micro-scale water control management projects.

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    Teknopark 5th Building No: 24,
    38039 Melikgazi / Kayseri Street view

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    Kazim Karabekir, 825. st, No: 7 / A Kucukkoy, Gaziosmanpasa / Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

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    (0352) 502 31 03

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We supply high efficiency permanent magnet motors for water wells.

Pm motors are completely different from conventional motors with squirrel cage rotors. It does not require a magnetic flux transition from the stator of the rotor of the Pm motor. In this way, there will be no magnetic transmission losses in Pm motors and you can get more than 90% efficiency value even in 10 kw submersible pumps.

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Our projects

Predixi - Cloud Based Water Control Software

PREDIX consists of Cloud Based Water Control and Monitoring software.

Our projects

Metirius - Water Control Devices

Electronic, software and mechanical components for measuring and controlling water transfer systems in the field.

Our projects

Metirius WW- Wastewater Control Systems

Wastewater control systems have been developed for the control of pumps in wastewater stations.

Our projects

Metirius NETWORK- Network Control Systems

The status of the system can be monitored instantly by PREDIXI water management software and intervened when necessary.

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Special Solutions For Industry

We have advanced software and hardware solutions to easily manage water systems. On the hardware side, Metirius allows
instant control of the water system with field devices.

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